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Below is the exhibitor & sponsor list from FutureScape USA 2022.

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Exhibitor List

SiteOne operates approximately 600 branch locations in 45 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces. They offer a full line of supplies and products for turf care, nursery stock, landscape lighting, irrigation, hardscape, maintenance, golf, and agronomic and pest management to green industry professionals.

Power Planter, Inc is a third generation, 30+ year auger manufacturer.  If you are looking to save labor while working safely and efficiently swing by our booth or demo area!  100% Family Owned and Made in the USA.

GoMaterials offers hassle-free plant and tree material sourcing for landscape professionals. Think of us as your partners in plant procurement, helping with the estimation, buying and delivery of top-grade plant materials to your job site.

Echo Robotics is part of Echo Incorporated, a world leader in professional-grade outdoor power equipment for 50 years. At ECHO Robotics we specialize in automated mowing and range picking solutions for commercial applications and can automate your mowing operations to more efficiently allocate and prioritize your company’s budget and resources.

Carta delivers state of the art real time mapping and measuring—displayed directly on your smartphone. Wheel along the edges of an area to measure any curved or freeform shape. Carta instantly derives square footage, cubic yards/feet, perimeter data, etc.

The Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA) is a state wide trade association for ornamental horticulture in Georgia. We provide advocacy, education, networking and communication for Georgia’s green industry. 

SingleOps is the leading all-in-one business management software for outdoor service industries, including tree care, lawn care, full-service landscaping, sod farms and landscape supply. The company serves thousands of users who have collectively processed billions in revenue through SingleOps, and use it daily to operate their businesses and interact with clients. 

Greenzie helps reduce the cost of labor with robotics. Makers of Autonomous Mowing, now available on select Wright Manufacturing Stander ZK mowers. Add self-driving to your mowers and mow more with less hassle.

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit committed to helping lawn and landscape contractors and suppliers work together to create healthy green spaces in under-resourced urban communities. We do this through GreenCare for Community initiatives that revitalize parks and public green spaces, and through the GreenCare for Troops program that mobilizes lawn and landscape services for military services. The result of our work creates a greener, cooler environment and healthier and safer communities. 

Greene County Fertilizer Company manufactures and supplies soil amending fertilizers for liquid lawn care, garden, turf care and agricultural products, specialty fertility products, humic acid, custom blends, N-Ext™ brand. MFR Greensboro, Georgia. Distributor of L&O pest control products.​

EmeryAllen is a premier LED manufacturing company located in Charleston, South Carolina. With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we specialize in the design, development and production of high-performance miniature LED lamps for a variety of applications and settings both indoors and out.

LawnLine Marketing is the top-rated marketing agency for multi-million dollar landscape companies. We handle the strategy, execution, reporting and systems to deliver an all-inclusive marketing program that has been proven across tens of millions of landscape marketing dollars.

Crossville Studios is your local source for exceptional surfacing solutions and superior project support. As the distribution division of leading U.S. porcelain tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc., we share in the mission to provide beautiful, sustainable, and technically advanced porcelain tile, natural stone, glass, mosaics and porcelain countertops for interior and exterior applications.  We have 26 showroom locations to serve you and your clients.

MowBot offers subscribers a customized subscription-based platform for running a robot service business. Based on their subscription level, we’ll provide tiered access to proprietary products (software, operating manual, robotic door for homes with fences and more) and non-proprietary products (marketing program, training and support, financing for robots and doors). It’s everything you need to effectively manage this innovative service.

Bartell Global is a manufacturer of quality Construction equipment since 1946 (75 years+!). We have a complete line-up of equipment for the Landscaper/Hardscaper needs— Forward and Reversible Plate Compactors, Tamping Rammers, Vibratory Paver Rollers, Power Dumper Buggies, Generators, Saw Blades and more.

Groundwork is a white-labeled virtual sales software for home improvement contractors. Groundwork helps contractors pre-qualify their leads, avoid wasted sales appointments, and win more of their ideal projects. Groundwork makes it easy for contractors to get project video walk-throughs from homeowners so they can preview the opportunity without the trip across town. Groundwork’s video and text-based collaboration tools allow contractors to provide a unique and memorable customer experience that impresses their “A” clients. Groundwork has helped residential contractors in the green industry and beyond improve their sales process, stay organized, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Jointology encompasses an integral part of the overall art of Hardscaping, we are all experienced hardscape installers at AZPECTS and we will cover all elements that make up the Hardscaping business with a particular emphasis on proper jointing.

LandscapeHub is an online wholesale marketplace streamlining the procurement and fulfillment process in the nursery, landscape, green, and hardscape industries. We enable businesses to buy and sell landscape materials more efficiently from a single location, saving time, resources, and money. 

Stop by the Delta Urban Soils Lab booth to learn about soil contamination, testing remediation and more from Dr. Anna Paltseva. Get a unique opportunity to buy her Urban Soils Guide: Field and Lab manual to test soils on your own. 

UAC is Georgia’s premier organization for all sectors of the urban agriculture industry, and promotes professionalism, adherence to industry standards and education and serves as a consumer and industry resource for residential and commercial clients. 

ServeScape is Atlanta’s online plant marketplace for professionals and homeowners designed to enable beautiful and resilient landscapes. We deliver top-quality plants directly from the grower to the consumer. ServeScape also provides professional landscape designs by licensed landscape architects so our community of customers will know they have the right plant for the right place.

WunderCovers® offers a full range of custom and universal covers, whenever a clean, blended hardscape theme is required. Whether your need is for a commercial, residential or municipality project, WunderCovers® provides you with a seamless, elegant, durable and easy-to-use solution.

WunderCovers® allows contractors and architects unlimited choices for colors and styles, with matching texture or colored concrete, brick, tile or stone access and grate covers.

The PLACEMAKERS Academy Garden Design System Booth is your gateway to a whole new way of thinking about your home environment. Discuss your wishes, hopes and dreams—or how to streamline the process for your clients. Meet Placemakers founders, Mary Palmer Dargan, RLA, APLD and Arielle McIntyre, PCA, APLD.

Pro Landscaper USA South is a community of like-minded landscape professionals in the Design + Build + Maintain sectors of the industry with a mission to raise the bar so that higher end products and services are employed, we attract more people to the industry and grow together as an industry.  We have three routes to market—Pro Landscaper magazine (print+digital), our digital media and our yearly event (FutureScape).  We will have four regions total around the USA.  Each region will have their own magazine, digital platforms and yearly event. Our next region to launch will be the WEST.

Green Industry Captive is an insurance savings program exclusively designed for the landscape industry. This program allows businesses to recapture up to 63% of their annual insurance premiums while giving them increased flexibility and control.

SoilKit® is an automated lab-based soil test kit and technology platform. We alleviate the frustration that comes with the long turnaround times and confusing processes associated with conventional testing. We also added features to help you improve efficiency, generate more revenue, and protect the environment all at the same time.

Buck Jones Nursery specializes in the highest quality landscape grade plant material along with stone, mulch and turfgrass. 

​We offer everything for your landscaping needs. We’ve been proudly serving green industry professionals since 1972, earning our reputation as a reliable landscaping provider. 

Natural Paving USA Inc is one of North America’s leading independent suppliers of high quality, ethically sourced natural stone landscaping products.

We offer one of the largest ranges of paving slabs and block paving across the globe.

Husqvarna offers a full range of outdoor power tools including lawn mowers, chainsaws, robotic mowers and for both commercial & residential usage.

Stones Nature aim is to supply vast range of marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartz and mosaics in tile and slab to their commercial partners with the finest premium selections.

Specialising in natural stone, we have developed a purpose built warehouse outlining our extensive product range.

By perfecting our craft for over 20 years, Pacific Home & Garden has risen to become one of the nation’s top sources for high-end pottery. We operate two 200,000 Sq. Ft. distribution centers, on both the West and East coast, that house over 200 containers of inventory. You’re invited to visit either location and customize your pottery selection with the latest styles and colors.

We partner with 11 different factories. This allows us to have one of the most extensive selections of indoor and outdoor pottery in North America. We have branded pottery from ceramics, to Talavera, to earthenware, to fiber clay, all under one roof. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to make their early buying decisions. Whether buying in stock or factory direct, your options of styles and colors are limitless. Pacific Home & Garden can help make certain your garden center stands out above the rest!

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