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Past Panel Discussion Topics

Sustainability: A Greener Future

Our industry talks about sustainable materials, practices and equipment . What does sustainability mean to these industry leaders?  In the full cycle—from landscape design through to maintenance for years to come, how can we take steps to achieve a united greener future?

Robotics and the Next Steps

Some are afraid robotics will take our jobs, others can’t wait to let them work.  How will robotics in landscaping change the way we design, build, and maintain
outdoor spaces

Designing the Workforce of Tomorrow

Our industry has always needed more people—until COVID created unprecedented demand for our services—and now we are struggling to cope.  How can the workforce of tomorrow be created today?  Can we develop the industry in a way that attracts the
right people?

Making Time for Technology

Embracing change is not easy but it is essential for to succeed in today’s market. Our industry has more and more technology available for companies to implement—but what do you need today and how to successfully take steps to make room for this in your business.  

Industry Collaboration: Eliminating the Divisions to Multiply Success

Why should landscape architects and growers collaborate more often? How maintenance companies can teach design + build companies a thing or two and vice versa? Learning about others’ perspectives can open us to a step change in quality. 

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